Events and venues

Magic Music Days at the Disney Resort, Paris, France

Perform at the Disney resort in Paris, France. Entertain visitors of the park which will top 1000 during the peak season. Your school will need to pass the Disney audition before being invited.

May to October


Kulturuferfestival in Friedrichshafen,Germany

This festival takes place at the shore of the Lake Constance, which is in the south of Germany, and borders both Austria and Switzerland. Thousands of visitors pass by the open air stage and will enjoy your performance. Your school will be specially featured in the Festival program.

31st of July to 9th of August 2013


German - American Friendship-festival in Grafenwoehr,Germany.

This annual festival is organized by the US-Army garrison in Grafenwoehr, which is the largest training area for US and Nato forces.  You will perform on an outdoor stage for families and members of the US Forces as well as German folks from neighboring towns. 

2nd to 4th  of August 2012


German American Volksfest, Berlin, Germany

Since the end of World War II, Berlin has been hosting the German/American Volksfest to celebrate both the liberation from Nazi terror, as well as the friendship and bond between the United States and Germany. You will perform in the center of the festival on an open air stage.

23rd of July to 16th of August 2013


Sinnflutfestival in Erding, Germany

Erding is a small suburb of Munich and houses this fantastic artistic festival. There are three different stages, one of which is specifically to highlite dance. It promises lot’s of fun for all participants in an out door environment. Your school will have one hour on the stage for a performance of your choice and will be enjoyed by hundreds of local people.

27th of July to 8th of August 2012


Old Town Market Square, Rothenburg o.d. Tauber, Germany

Commonground Travel is one of only two travel companies which has the permission to perform at the centre square in the medieval city of Rothenburg o.d.Tauber. It is one of Germany's most magical towns located on the famous Romantic Road. This performance is perfect for music groups, choirs and show dance.

May to August 2012


National Garden Show in Tirschenreuth,Germany

Every year the German state of Bavaria awards one of its‘ towns with special funds to build and present a garden show with the purpose of creating something new, while preserving the natural aspect of a town. Tirschenreuth, a small town just at the edge of the Bavarian Forest mountain range, is looking forward to having American performers entertain the guest of next summer's garden show.

May to August 2012


Perform at the national German horticultural show in Hamburg

The national horticultural show of Germany will be held in Hamburg in 2013 and we are looking for a dance school to perform at this fantastic event. Each year Germany gives out a special grant to a city to restore and revive one of its' parks. Mary Ann Blackwood's dancers performed last year at the show in Koblenz, and because they were so well recieved by the audience, Commonground Travel has been asked to invite another school for 2013 May to September 2013

Themepark Belantis

Perform at the funfilled Themepark Belantis, near Leipzig. You will entertain the crowds first thing in the morning as they anxiously await the official opening of the park. 

May to September

Take a class at the State Ballett Company "Unter den Linden " in Berlin

It is an honor to offer a special ballet class with company member Cathlyn Pope in the professional studios at the opera house in Berlin. If the company is performing that evening you will also have the opportunity to watch the world famous comapny on stage!

May to mid July

Joint Adventures

Take class at the prestigious dance festival Joint Adventures in Munich, Germany. The festival offers workshops in contemporary technique given by dancers from all around Europe. You will learn the specific style and vision of a choreographer and then have the opportunity to see their work onstage in the evening. This is an invaluable experience for students and teachers alike.

First week of August 2013


Bavarian Folk Dancing

Bask in Bavarian Arts. Discover the links between traditional dance and Bavarian history. Listen and learn Bavarian music while participating in ancient folklore storytelling. You'll also learn (and demonstrate) a variety of traditional dance steps taught by local experts.

May to September

Sound of Music Tour

Visit all the historical places in and around Salzburg where the beloved movie with Julie Andrews was filmed. This is a perfect way to to enjoy the sights of Salzburg and to break into song and dance while learning trivia about the famous Hollywood film.  In the evening you will enjoy a dinner show with the Salzburg Singers, and naturally will all join in singing " The Hills Are Alive" and "Do Re Mi". 

May to September