Sightseeing in Paris

Today was actually a day off, but the tour guides still offered a bus tour around Paris to see the most interesteing sights. Some families like the Kasperchicks took the opportunity and went to Versailles, but most travelers joined the tour. They started at 9:00 am with a visit to the Arc de Triumph and then went on to Notre Dame cathedral, the heart of Paris. Tour guide Ruediger explained the history of the landmark and showed us around the church. From there we walked to Saint Chapelle, a small chapel in the former palace of the kings of France, which served fo many centuries as a small house church for the servants and the king's familiy. The church is famous for it's stained glass windows which depict scenes from the bible and also is where thorn crown of Jesus is worshiped.

Afterwards, we walked through the Louvre to galery LaFayette, the shopping cathedral of Paris, for lunch and souvenir hunting. Beautiful view over the town from the roof top!!

From there the bus took us up to Sacre Coeur cathedral and the artist quarter of Montmartre, where Impressionism has started.

After a full day of lovely impressions, learning history and experiencing what life is like in Paris we reached the hotel at around 6:00 pm. Some people went on to finally go up the Eiffel tower. There is just no stopping the Tutterows!

Off to Germany tomorrow. 


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    Dawn Willard (Friday, 03 August 2012 18:56)

    WOW Im so glad you are all having aa great time! To expierence international travel is a wonderfull treasure that will last a lifetime..